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Alejandro R. Avalos GonzalezERP Technical Analyst IIPantherSoft
Alexander F. GayolWeb Designer IIPantherSoft
Ali BagheriERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Allan Rosado-RodriguezTECHNICALPantherSoft
Andres A. RuggieroERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Andrew A. CardellERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Antonio RodriguezDatabase Administrator IIIPantherSoft
Ayodele E. OsikoyaBusiness Intelligence Dev IIPantherSoft
Beatriz AnilloLead ERP Technical AnalystPantherSoft
Brenda E. TyminskiERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Carlos R. GuerreroERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Carlos A. TarifaERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Carlos E. VaronaUniversity IT DirectorPantherSoft
Christian C. GuidoERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Eduardo J. MonteiroIT Associate DirectorPantherSoft
Eduardo J. MonteiroLECTURERSchool of Computing and Information Sciences
Emmanuel VinasApplication Developer IIPantherSoft
Fernando H. LojoERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Gabriela NavarroOffice AssociatePantherSoft
Gerald C. WaughERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Gilberto MoralesERP Technical Analyst IIPantherSoft
Gloria A. GuzmanERP Technical Analyst IPantherSoft
Icxe VidalERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Jairo M. LagosIT Assistant DirectorPantherSoft
James J. HardimanERP Technical Analyst IPantherSoft
James "Jim" M. GoolsbyERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Javier P. AndrialApplication Developer IIPantherSoft
Jiali "Belle" DingERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
John R. VargasIT Assistant DirectorPantherSoft
Jonathan E. FerrisERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Jonathan D. RobertsWeb Designer IIIPantherSoft
Jorge M. DevaronaBusiness Intelligence Dev IIPantherSoft
Jorge GonzalezApplication Developer IIPantherSoft
Jorge A. Medina RodriguezERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Jose C. del RosarioERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Jose A. Polo RamosERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Karina L. DelgadoERP Technical Analyst IIPantherSoft
Karla V. GarciaBusiness Intelligence Dev IIIPantherSoft
Lan QuachLead ERP Technical AnalystPantherSoft
Larisa GoldbergIT Associate DirectorPantherSoft
Ledys DiazLead ERP Technical AnalystPantherSoft
Lian SongWeb Developer IIPantherSoft
Lingshan "Hill" XiongERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Lowell R. ArmstrongERP Technical Analyst IIPantherSoft
Manuel "Manny" A. RodriguezIT Assistant DirectorPantherSoft
Marcio F. Valle RoqueERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Maria Carolina IglesiasIT Assistant DirectorPantherSoft
Mark M. KaprasERP Application Developer IIIPantherSoft
Mayelin FelipeERP Application Developer IIIPantherSoft
Mayelin FelipeLECTURERSchool of Computing and Information Sciences
Monica ReyesERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Mylenne AlonsoERP Technical Analyst IIPantherSoft
Norma L. CamachoLead ERP Technical AnalystPantherSoft
Robert P. Hagar IIIDatabase Administrator IPantherSoft
Robin NadalERP Systems Administrator IIPantherSoft
Ronald "Ron" J. SalazarERP Application Developer IIPantherSoft
Rosa ParrillaOffice CoordinatorPantherSoft
Saul D. McClintockIT Assistant DirectorPantherSoft
Shari A. McEwenERP Technical Analyst IPantherSoft
Shaun B. LannonERP Application Developer IIIPantherSoft
Sondra R. SanchezERP Technical Analyst IIPantherSoft
Srinivas "krish" PopuriLead Enterprise Systems AdminPantherSoft
Talel IssaIT Assistant DirectorPantherSoft
Tomas D. Mendez RomeoERP Application Developer IPantherSoft
Victoria "Vicki" H. HammealERP Technical Analyst IIPantherSoft
William EscuderoPantherSoft